I wouldn’t say that I have been really homesick at all while I was travelling. That might have to do with having my boyfriend with me all the time, being able to keep in contact with friends and family through Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook but also that it was difficult for me to start life in a foreign country. We quickly found a car, there were no major problems with paperwork, neither of us got sick and we still had a fair bit of our saved money left.

And then all these exciting new things! People, buildings, language, shops, food, plans that needed to be made… There was literally no time to miss home.

But now, slowly, after almost eleven months on the road I started developing something I would call “late homesickness”. It’s not like I would be sitting in a quiet corner, crying because I miss home so much, it is more these days that seem to appear more often in the last weeks where thoughts come to my mind about how nice and comfy it is to sleep in your nice soft bed that isn’t full of sand from the last visit at the beach, then wake up and have a shower in a clean bathroom, where you don’t need to carry all your shampoo to because it’s already there! As well as a fluffy, good smelling towel instead of one that feels more like a leather cloth which leaves you even dirtier than before. Have breakfast and then put the dishes into the dishwasher, no water tanks at the back of your car needed!

I know, I know, I really have luxury problems and I guess I still live better than many people in this world and am very grateful about it, but this post is supposed to be about the things I miss from home and how I feel now being away from home for almost a year, so I think fluffy towels are an appropriate topic to talk about!

When I meet other backpackers here in Australia, who have been only here for about 4 months in most of the times (and apparently seen more in that short period of time than we have… Oops, I blame our amazing host families!), they are often really surprised when I tell them, that I’m looking forward to live with my family again at home. “But don’t you want to live on your own now? I mean, you have been so independent for a long time, will that even work?” I always say, I will see, but for the moment I am more than happy to move back home! It has been and still is a great experience to recognise that you are able to live on your own. Earn your own money, pay your own rent, insurance and food, cook your own meals and so on. But what’s wrong with enjoying the dinner cooked by mum or being happy about the load of washing that I didn’t have to hang out by myself?

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