On Thursday we had to say goodbye to Liam.
We know, he did not like us much in the beginning, he was very calm, not talkative and did not seem to enjoy having us here. But this all changed over the last five months. Florian and Liam started playing games together, we went on little daytrips, Florian got him his first full-time job at Specsavers, where he enjoyed working very much and then we even went on our big Sydney weekend, where we had so much fun (and also us starting to fart in the living room helped a lot, according to Linley not being able to fart while watching movies was his biggest issue with backpackers).
I can still smell the overwhelming stink of Florian’s and Liam’s feet after they walked around at the EB Games Expo the whole day. And Liam’s snoring… It was soo bad, I even hit him several times with my pillow, he would not move at all!
In the last months Liam, Keira and Linley grew into our second family here at the other end of the world, so for us, it feels like we just lost a brother. Even that we have not known him for very long, he already became a big part of our life and we enjoyed having him around every day.
We had a lot to laugh, great conversations (about baby pidgeons, superheroes, what kind of people the dogs would be, lizard men, our house-huntsman “Peter”, our last hangovers and the animals that want to kill you in Australia (just everything! Why do people want to live here?)), I really liked how we poisened each other with mushrooms and bacon (you finally did it, Liam, I missed to pick out a piece the other day!) and we were so looking forward to welcoming him next year in Germany, where we wanted to go to Andechser and Oktoberfest. Florian already started to train drinking beer with Liam and even taught him his first German words “Zwei Bier!”. I was not very successful with adding a “bitte” at the end!

We are so grateful for the time we got to spend with this amazing young man and he will always have a place in our hearts.
We will miss you, Liam.

Mine at Captain’s flat, we just climbed the fence and stole the stones for the front gate


Canberra Night Attack – Obstacle Course Run


And after
We earned it!


Playing darts at Captains flat
Playing darts at Captains flat


Strawberries with Nutella!
Keira’s Birthday
Two Nerds
Father’s day
Ghost Tour

12141810_1167243833305056_8008460765565265408_n - Copy

Bondi Beach
Bikini Bodys!


“Chef” Liam


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  1. Ich glaube, dass kann niemand lesen, ohne Tränen in die Augen zu bekommen. So schön geschrieben! Ist zwar alles auf Englisch, aber trotzdem…


  2. Auch wenn ich Liam nicht persönlich gekannt habe, war er durch deine Erzählungen und Bilder irgendwie ein Teil eures täglichen Lebens. Es ist irgendwie nicht vorstellbar wie dies sich so plötzlich ändert und er nicht mehr da ist.


  3. Auch wir sind richtig erschüttert über den Tod von Liam, den wir durch Euere Berichte und Fotos kannten und auch mir kommen die Tränen, wenn ich von Euerer Freundschaft lese und die Bilder sehe. Und wenn ich daran denke, wie traurig Ihr sein müßt.


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